Photodetector based on luminescent materials

  • Perovskites

    Infrared quantum dots (IR QDs)

  • Mechanoluminescence (ML) phosphor

Photodetectors are device that detect optical signal and converts it into an electrical signal which is widely utilized in non-destructive detection and image sensor. We are researching various materials such as perovskites, phosphors and IR QDs for versatile applications of photodetector.

Security materials

  • Infrared (IR) phosphor

    Upconversion nanoparticles (UCNPs)

We are researching novel security materials for identifying counterfeit bills with the support of KOMSCO (한국조폐공사). Also, we explore photon upconversion nanoparticles which exhibit unique properties compared to conventional phosphors for various applications such as bio-imaging, security and energy harvesting.

X-ray imaging scintillator

Scintillators are widely used for radiation detection in many areas such as non-destructive testing, medical imaging and space exploration. In our group, we explore and synthesize novel lead-free metal halide materials with excellent stability for scintillator application.